Why soccer is unpopular in the

That competition is of course basketball, baseball and football in the United States, and hockey in Canada. Links in the text box to sites that are not on the whitelist check the wiki for this will be removed. Well, first they fired the manager that had built our best team in ages.

Players lose teeth, break bones, get stitches on the bench, fight and crawl to win that cup that can encompass anywhere from gruelling games. Please read the FAQ before posting. Tune into a soccer game at any level, and it will be the same.

In such a grueling sport, this allows referees to routinely decide close games. Why do so many potential Abercrombie models like jogging around with shin pads on so they can kick a ball?!

It is hard for Americans to watch so many small countries dominate its national team and pay attention to a sport where the U. Every few years, someone would show up and try to sell us on it once again, and the cycle just repeated itself over and over. Hosts Brazil taking on visiting Croatia and the underdog visitors pushing the favourites to the brink.

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So why the view that the sport is irrelevant, even among people who should know better? S, we want our sports heroes to have incomparable physical traits.

When you look at some of these international teams from other countries, their roster consists of the top eleven athletes in their entire nation. Watching a Cleveland Cavaliers game, I see LeBron do three or four things in the span of a half that bewilder and inspire me.

To explain what I mean, take this example. Are you curious about the real America, not the cheap product you see on TV? Do not answer your question in the text box. So if a person on US soil watches a game in Spanish, are they a foreigner?


If you feel your post should not have been removed, please message the mods. Nothing is as popular as American football! So why is it not so, in Canada and the United States? On any given day, we can watch the very best basketball, football, and baseball teams in the entire world.

The answer is not lack of exposure, lack of broadcasting, money, excitement, larger-than-life athletes, because soccer has plenty of all of that. Also, for the 2nd time in 3 years, two storied rivals steeped in history from across the same city, squared off for the title of Champions of Europe, and again, it was drama until the end and again, it had to be settled outside of 90 minutes.

Until that happens, American attention will continue to be focused on the sports that the top athletes play. There are no timeouts, and the clock runs continuously for the entire game, besides halftime. And then Fred happened.

Why Is Soccer so Popular?

Unremarkable Athletes Another possible reason soccer utterly fails to connect in the US is because besides being handsome, the players are relatively unremarkable as athletes. Soccer is not as popular as American football? And by the way, these other countries better be thrilled that our top guys choose other sports, because our most gifted athletes are far superior to their best talents.

Due to the success rate on converting penalty kicks, offensive players will routinely flop inside the box in hopes of drawing fouls. Players crash to the ground in the penalty box in an effort to get an easy shot at a game changing goal and even the most beautiful attacks end in an all too familiar change of possession.

In general, the lack of offense puzzles most Americans who consider it nonsensical to run around so vigorously without realizing a single score. Commentators on traditional media outlets ESPN and FOX, for instance as a space of cultural life reinforces the idea that to be American means to follow some sports and not others.

When I speak of footy or football in this sense, I am of course talking about the most sensible sport for the name, you know, that sport where you hit the ball The best players in the sport look like every other person on the street, albeit quite fitter while mammoth power forwards, sluggers and linemen stand out in a crowd in the U.

Then Ask An American! Teams can maul each other in the open field and earn free kicks, but drawing a little contact inside the box will earn what amounts to a cheap goal.

It is hard to see these cheap goals decide hard fought games, when awarding a corner kick or some shots harder to make would be more appropriate. Use the text box only to clarify your question, and keep clarifications short.Soccer Isn’t Popular in the US Because the Wrong People Watch it.

jose on June 12, who trotted out a tired canard about how unpopular soccer is in the United States. The story starts with the ludicrous notion that the World Cup is unpopular because it isn’t American football. This is why a more interesting conversation about.

Soccer's 'Low' Popularity In The USA And Canada - This Is Why...

I don't think soccer is even as unpopular as people think, but you're correct that it isn't a very common spectator sport among Americans, maybe partially because of the over saturation of professional and college sports. One advantage men's soccer will have us most schools already have women's soccer, so the fields are already there.

When Tennessee built their new ladies soccer stadium they went so far as to also build men's dressing rooms and offices in the complex as well. Why was the United States reluctant to adopt soccer into its sports culture?

According Ivan Waddington and Martin Roderick, in each society there is a limited amount of “space” for sports, and once that designated space is filled by one sport (such as football in the U.S.), there is little room for other sports.

Why America Doesn't Like Soccer, And How That Can Be Changed Fans celebrate during the United States' win against Nigeria in a friendly in preparation for the World Cup, at EverBank Field in. Sep 15,  · Most American guys think it is a sissy sport, but I have another theory. When I was in high school we tried like hell to get soccer teams for the girls and mi-centre.com: Resolved.

Why soccer is unpopular in the
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