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This is not a pipe. How, the engaged viewer must ask, could this be? Both Foucault and Magritte critique language and agree with Ferdinand de Saussure that signs are arbitrary, circumstantial, and conventional.

Well…why on Earth is that not a pipe if what I see is indeed a pipe? For, of course, the picture is structured so that it plays heavily upon the long-established convention of language, from which we have learned to look at a drawing or photograph and say "This is a chair" or "That is my house.

The calligram uses letters to signify both as linear elements arranged in space and as signs in a unique chain of sound.

Whence comes this strange game, if not from the calligram? The world gave birth to the concept of being surreal. And at the moment when he should reveal the name, Magritte does so by denying that the object is what it is.

It is not, then, as Foucault would have it that "what we see never resides in what we say," but that what we see generally corresponds to what we "see" and it is the exception to this that causes the distress. When we communicate an experience, we often use generalizations in our words, and those generalizations leave out the things that made that event unique; they leave out the concrete experience, which results in a small abstraction of things out of a whole Expand your World.

That we can stare matter squarely "in the face," do detailed scientific studies of it, contemplate its essence, and yet ever only partially succeed in defining what it is, This is not a pipe foucault essay not only a mystery, but an unsolvable one that also makes the drawing strangely compelling.

Korzybski used various methods to reveal the levels of abstraction in play. Let a figure resemble an object or some other figureand that alone is enough for there to slip into the pure play of the painting a statement--obvious, banal, repeated a thousand times yet almost always silent But painting interposes a problem: Postscript Where would Magritte himself stand on this question?

It is the analogous nature of the drawn pipe--which Foucault so casually dismisses--that forms the basis for our argument as to the strangeness of the drawing.

Using a painting by Magritte came naturally to Foucault who was in correspondence with the artist and like many writers of his generation, he was interested in Surrealism and its strategies that attempted to undo narrative connections that made the world make sense.

Why this is not a pipe

It sets out to name something that evidently does not need to be named the form is too well familiar. Back to the text Works Cited Foucault, Michel. This Is Not a Pipe. The first simply has to be true--the laws of logic bear no reference to reality by their own definition and thus cannot be refuted by reference to real objects e.

Expand your World Magritte brought through his art the reflection of the new perception of reality that was being discussed in the philosophies of his time.

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The general feeling among people was of uncertainty. The calligram aspires playfully to efface the oldest oppositions of our alphabetical civilization: If you have found this material useful, please give credit to Dr. The late works of Magritte coincide with American interest in the late works of Ludwig Wittgenstein as seen in the works of Jasper Johns.

My God, how simpleminded! We must therefore choose as to whether we "read" that there is a pipe present, or we "see" one present. Surely this is a pipe as in an analogue of? It is a gravestone. From the very reality of the object "pipe" that these signs refer us to.

Or, to state our position in the terms that Foucault has been using: Thus, the drawing cannot be characterized as either giving ontological priority to the "depicted" over the "depiction" which characterized Western art for so longor as giving ontological priority of the "depiction" over the "depicted" which is what Foucault argues there to be in the drawing.

He or she, we would argue, fully understands it to be an analogue of the pipe: Footnote 1 Specifically, we fail to see how it is that the conventions of language can lead us so entirely from the realization and the ability to so realize that the "drawing representing the pipe is not the pipe itself" to "the material deposit, on a sheet of paper or a blackboard, of a little graphite or a thin dust of chalk As a sign, the letter permits us to fix words; as line, it lets us give shape to things.

I was very frustrated so I asked directly to my professor: He questions reality through this conflict of words and images. The Order of Things: To mention a few examples: Magritte returned to a simple correspondence of image to legend or of word to thing. Magritte was born in Belgium in For in our everyday world we expect and rely upon these things to be what they say they are.Foucault's brief but extraordinarily rich essay offers a startling, highly provocative view of a painter whose influence and popularity continue to grow unchecked.

This is Not a Pipe also throws a new, piquantly dancing light on Foucault himself/5(3). Foucault, irrealism and Ceci n'est pas une pipe. by G.S. Evans. Summary. In Michel Foucault wrote a small book titled Ceci n'est pas une pipe ("This Is Not a Pipe"), which discussed a similarly titled drawing by the Belgian artist Rene Magritte.

What made Magritte's drawing so interesting for Foucault was the unusual effect (what he termed. It's a pipe, a palpable pipe: not a painterly pipe, not an abstract pipe. Lord knows, it's not an Expressionist pipe; it isn't even a Freudian pipe.

Beneath it. [PDF] Foucault, Michel – This Is Not a Pipe - Monoskop.

This is Not a Pipe

The pipe might only be the painting of a pipe, but immersing into his concept creates even bigger philosophical questions. He is interested in the mystery of this relation and leaves an open answer to it. This essay entitled "This Is Not A Pipe" is a fascinating excursion into the intriguing art of the great 20th C.

Belgian painter. Read more. Published on May 31, yet the message of Foucault should not be relegated to the exotic and extreme "isms" of academia. Read more. Published on December 25, Search customer reviews. 4/5(8).

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