The lottery comparison of tradition

Blindly following tradition often results in the true message of the tradition being lost, resulting in absentminded obedience to the tradition. Secondly, the rapid change of Mrs. I have added the link to the enotes section on themes on this excellent story below to back up what I say, but one of the major themes of this terrifying tale is how communities and individuals participate in violence and commit hideous acts without protesting or standing up against it.

He wants to act out but is worried about the repercussions for his family and his district. Quilting, for them, seems like a way to honor their forebears by keeping those who came before In "The Lottery," however, it is a different story.

People are afraid of standing up for what they believe in which inhibits society from changing. All of these effects hurt and criple society as well as inhibiting change from happening.

They ration that taking the punishment of reapings is more tolerable than war.

Summers and also focus on the disparaging comments he makes about other communities that have stopped carrying out the Lottery. People cannot really remember The lottery comparison of tradition the lottery started, and some of the townsfolk even discuss rumors of other villages doing away with the lottery.

This is also proven in the hunger games because the tradition of the hunger games is not questioned by people and families attend year after year crossing their fingers. I wonder to, whether in the past but hopefully not todaybullying might be unofficially sanctioned by the school administration as being "character building" or "just a bit of fun", thereby continuing the tradition of bullying through generations.

Both Texts show that blindly following tradition leads to fear in society because people are scared to challenge the status quo. It is tradition itself that forces this village to keep on performing the Lottery every year, and thereby committing a hideous murder every year. Both texts show that there are less advancements in society when traditions are blindly followed.

In conclusion, society suffers when traditions are blindly followed. Delacroix can be seen in such environments, as the loyalties of school classes can rapidly shift with a friend one day becoming an enemy the next. It is clear that the role of tradition in the carrying out of These deaths were unjustified and could have been prevented.

To me, one of the most horrific moments is when Mrs. Society cannot move forward without questions being asked and in both texts, people are afraid to ask questions and demand change because of the short term repercussions like punishment.

In the Hunger games, the status quo is to silently follow commands from the capitol. Unlike Mama and Maggie, who know exactly why they quilt and keep family traditions alive, the residents who participate in the lottery have become very detached from it and only seem interested in retaining it because it is tradition.

It is clear that the role of tradition in the carrying out of the Lottery is very important - note how it is stressed by Mr.

These aspects can be linked to bullying in lots of ways. In "Everyday Use," the tradition of quilt-making has been passed down and become part of the everyday life of Maggie and her mother.

The Lottery: Tradition's Impact on Human Behavior

Tuesday April 24, Posted by. Certainly in classes you could argue that all are involved in this act of bullying and none stand up for the person that is being bullied - their is a culture of bullying that is based on violence - either verbal, physical or psychological - or sometimes all three.

The narrator says, The original paraphernalia for the lottery had been lost long ago, and the black box now resting on the stool had been put into use even before Old Man Warner, the oldest man in town, was born. She has just been chatting to Tess as a friend and they have been swapping stories of what has been going on in their families.

Delacroix picks up a stone that is so big she has to use both hands to do so. In a way, the box is very symbolic of the lottery tradition in general.

The Lottery

Tuesday, April 24, Both texts show that blindly following tradition can lead to death. In fact, Mama and Maggie both know the stories of the people in their family, which scraps of fabric came from whose dress or whose uniform.The Lottery Comparison of Tradition Essay waiting for the front doors of our favorite stores to open, to be nearly trampled upon for discounted items, is a tradition we, as Americans, like to call Black Friday.

Comparing The Hunger Games vs. The Lottery The only person that really had a choice to put an end to the horrible tradition was Old man Warner, but he believed in the lottery and believed it would provide the town with good crops for the season.

I believe choice did not have any part in this story because the people did not have a say in. Get an answer for 'How might "The Lottery" be related to some of the current news stories surrounding bullying?How might "The Lottery" be related to some of the current news stories surrounding.

Apr 03,  · Thematic Comparison: The Lottery & The Hunger Games In “The Lottery” by Shirley Jackson and Suzanne Collins’s “The Hunger Games” both stories share a common theme which is that the dangers of blindly following traditions lead to terrible consequences and ignorance.

Tradition in The Lottery by Shirley Jackson Essay; Tradition in The Lottery by Shirley Jackson Essay. Words 5 Pages. Tradition; it is the back bone of every culture and civilization.

It is what keeps the beliefs, philosophies, and activities of societies alive, to be passed down from generation to generation. Tradition in “The. "The Lottery" tells the story of an annual tradition in a small village, where the people are close and tradition is paramount. The Lottery is a yearly event in which one person in the town is randomly chosen, by a drawing, to be violently stoned by friends and family.

The lottery comparison of tradition
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