The issue about child soldiers

Seventy-year-old Elijah tells of his experience: But other countries still employ children in their military. The answer seems to lie in the phenomenon of war itself.

The rehabilitation process includes drug withdrawal and psychological adjustment but also recovery from posttraumatic stress disorder, the symptoms of which include nightmares, flashbacks, aggressiveness, hopelessness, guilt, anxiety, fear and social isolation.

Beah has traveled the world speaking to audiences about the resilience of child soldiers.

Child Soldiers

The US has usually opposed eighteen as the minimum age, because it has routinely deployed seventeen year-olds to the fields of conflict.

Only a portion of these funds are prohibited under the Child Soldiers Prevention Act. Aid organizations and international governmental organizations such as UNICEF now recognize that children who have been soldiers need more than physical help.

Children in the military

Despite ongoing volatility in Yemen that puts children at continuing risk of recruitment, the White House issued a full waiver for the funds, with no conditions.

Rehabilitation and reintegration of child soldiers OPAC requires governments to demobilise children within their jurisdiction who have been recruited or used in hostilities and to provide assistance for their physical and psychological recovery and social reintegration. This perspective suggests that the only way to rid the world of child soldiering is to rid the world of war.

It took even longer for him to recall early childhood memories as he grappled with flashbacks of his war experiences. In the past, while immediate physical needs would often be met food, water, shelter, security, family reunificationformer child soldiers had difficulty processing their experiences and reintegrating within their communities.

Contained within its pages are many passages that describe a time yet future—a time when boys and girls will play in the streets, free of the abuses and the fear with which so many of them live today.

History of children in the military History is filled with children who have been trained and used for combat, assigned to support roles such as porters or messengers, used as sex slaves, or recruited for tactical advantage as human shields or for political advantage in propaganda.

Lawyers and relatives are frequently banned from any court hearing. This year, one of my elder brothers and two younger sisters were also abducted, on the same night. Sierra Leone[ edit ] Main article: In Aprilthere was a meeting in Maputo, Mozambique where a declaration to stop the use of child soldiers was made.

US: Don’t Finance Child Soldiers

Revenge is also used as a motivator.The Issue Who are child soldiers? Community networks central to stopping CAR child recruitment. 72% of British public think army recruitment should start at 18 or above, a new ICM survey for Child Soldiers International has revealed Read more.

The Child Soldiers World Index - our authoritative new online resources mapping child recruitment practices worldwide - shows that children have been exploited in at least 18 conflict situations around the world since Essay on Child Soldiers. Child soldiers a) The nature of the human rights issue A child soldier is a person under the age of 18 who participates, directly or indirectly, in armed conflicts as part of an armed force or group, in either armed and supporting roles.

Global Issues: Child Soldiers Kate Scheltema CHV Ms. Moir January 13, Introduction "A child soldier is anyone under the age of 18 who has been recruited or used in hostilities by state armed forces or non-state armed groups.".

“ Child Soldiers Global Report ” (Coalition to Stop the Use of Child Soldiers) Most child soldiers are between the ages of 13 and 18, though many groups include children aged 12 and under. Beah, for example, fought alongside a 7-year-old and an year-old. The US Child Soldiers Prevention Act of prohibits the US government from providing US foreign military financing, military training, and several other categories of .

The issue about child soldiers
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