Reflection essays for english 102

As a whole, I feel that my ability to form thesis statements has gotten stronger. Creating well-supported and detailed body paragraphs is the next step in a well written essay.

I learned the importance of adding questions to the article as I read it. Although the informative synthesis paper was the easiest for me to write, the very first paper I wrote for this class proved to be the most difficult.

I was able to ask certain questions during this conference and I received the feedback that would help me improve my essay. In the first paper, I would jump from subject to subject without any awareness of organization. In my English class, I have grown as a writer.

Expanding your writing ability can be difficult and often times frustrating, but when done well, writing can change the opinions of thousands.

It helped me see my strengths and weakness from another point of view and see the areas where I needed improvement. Additionally and importantly, in English students experience various ways of representing research in writing—from using research-based writing to add to or extend an ongoing conversation, to exploring what they think about a question or issue, to making a research-based assertion in some way.

English is a revision-based writing course. I chose to write my first paper on traditional animation compared to computer animation. This helped me go back to my draft and do some adjustments before turning in my final draft.

It is important that the information is presented in a way that the reader can easily read through, and understand the direction of the paper. I am thankful that I have made this conscious change in my writing style because I know that writing papers will only get more and more challenging as I continue through college, and even through my career.

They will need to, as writers so often do, negotiate multiple, conflicting perspectives on a particular issue. To ensure that I did well on the essay, I spent extra time outlining, thinking through my topic, and following the steps I was taught this semester.

One of our very first assignments was to create a blog. I now know how to do the MLA format correctly and how to cite my sources. At first I was a little shy to talk into the recorder but then I got encouragement from a group member and it turned out really good.

English 102: Introduction to College Writing and Research

One important aspect of organization is to decide what main points I want to focus on. Having this blog allowed me to view how I wrote my previous assignments and how they can be improved.

It made me looked at other peoples opinions different and I learned more about politics than I ever have before. In the informative synthesis paper, we had to gather four different sources and combine all the information into one clear topic.

Attendance, in-class participation, and respect for submission deadlines are expected in writing classes. I then had to include each source in each paragraph. Epps 4 December As a young student, I was first taught the alphabet. By doing different workshops in class like the introduction and thesis statement then creating the outline, helped me break the essay into parts and take it one step at a time.

I was able to properly do this by first, reading through each article, and annotating the important pieces of information that I wanted to use. I had never really done this before for a writing assignment, so it was very useful in experiencing this new way of gathering information.

For a large part of my high school years, my writing improvement seemed to grow stagnant. While the course emphasizes academic research, it also considers how inquiry informs all kinds of writing within the academy and beyond.

I like how Mrs. I usually hate writing notes down and just listening to the professor lecture, but in this class I was able to interact more with my peers.

We also read a variety of texts that related to our current writing assignment. Any author with an extensive background on the information covered in your essay can help establish a stronger credibility. Both of these papers required extensive thought and work put into them.

Even though this paper required the most work, I enjoyed it the most.Tyler Shelton Tougas English 5/4/13 Writing in Collage For starters this course was much more fun, entertaining, and engaging than I thought it was going to be.

English Sample Student Essays English – Short Interpretative Essay on a Short Story using a Primary Source “darker,” “cold,” and “mean” are all a reflection of the terrible things that are in Henry’s future.

Although Lyman’s life seems to be perfect now, everything is about to change. English has made it easier for me to formulate a well thought out thesis statement and essay.

Creating well-supported and detailed body paragraphs is the next step in a well written essay. Throughout this semester, I learned how to summarize, paraphrase, and quote particular information in multiple articles.

Apr 29,  · Diamond Jefferson. Mrs. Thomas. ENGLISH 29 April, Reflective Essay During my semester in English with Mrs. Thomas and my other peers, I have learned a lot and developed many skills that were hidden.

Reflective Essay English Professor Jennifer Cherry April 28 Grace Irvin Jennifer Cherry English 28 April “You cannot expect to achieve new goals or move beyond your present circumstances unless you change.” - Les Brown Reflective Essay Over the course of this semester I have made significant changes to myself as %(6).

Reflection Essays For English  Essay 1 English Composition and Literature Fall FIRST NAME LAST NAME FIRST LAST English PROFESSOR DATE When I read stories somehow my mind takes off and starts to see the unseen Often times when I read, different thoughts take my mind captive, and at times that can seem a bit .

Reflection essays for english 102
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