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Recording of the thesis defence is not allowed, nor is the use of cell phones, cameras or any other recording devices unless used for the purposes of the examination presentation. The PhD Thesis Examining Committee shall report the reasons for rejection to the Faculty Associate Dean, Graduate Studies, who will confirm the decision in writing to the student within one week of the date of the examination, as well as the requirement to withdraw.

Failure to follow these guidelines in their entirety will result in the normal practice of public disclosure and circulation of the thesis. Reexamination Re-examination is required in either of the following situations: The written thesis requires modifications of a substantial nature, the need for which makes the acceptability of the thesis questionable.

Furthermore, a student is anticipated to synthesise Phd thesis examination report of the literature and supply critical evaluation.

The literary expression within the thesis should be obvious and concise, communicating within an academic way of writing suitable for the discipline. The PhD thesis examination requires that the candidate demonstrates their mastery and expertise and engages meaningfully in scholarly discourse in their chosen area.

A candidate who has failed in the second attempt of thesis examination will result in the automatic withdrawal of the candidate from the program of study and termination of registration at the University. No more than one adjunct faculty member including Professors Emeriti may serve on the Examining Committee, with the exception of cotutelle student defences, which may involve the participation of more than one adjunct faculty member.

Examiners report on phd thesis proposal

Members of the PhD Thesis Examining Committee who have major criticisms of the thesis are encouraged to submit written comments to the Faculty Associate Dean, Graduate Studies no later than one week before the thesis defence.

Therefore, every area of the document needs to be obvious, well described, well presented and readable.

Appendices: Guidelines on the Conduct of MPhil and PhD Thesis Examinations

In this case, the revised thesis must be re-submitted to the Faculty Graduate Office for re-examination. Normally, the same PhD Thesis Examining Committee will serve, with the exception that in some circumstances, a new External Examiner can be found.

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If the delay in submitting the final thesis copies is no fault of the candidate, the candidate may appeal for an exception to be made for the above rules to be lifted. A date and location for the examination will be set according to availability of Examining Committee members.

PhD thesis examination regulations

Candidates may not participate remotely and must attend the defence in person. There is a conflict of interest when: At no point should the candidate be in communication with the external examiner prior to the defence.

The candidate may be shown the evaluation after the defence, with the permission of the external examiner. The Department may communicate with the external only for the purposes of other arrangements not related to the defence e.

Please provide us feedback. The Chair is responsible for proper conduct of the examination and does not vote. Major criticisms of the thesis by members of the University must be submitted in writing to the Faculty Associate Dean, Graduate Studies no later than one week before the thesis defence.

Although generally inadequate to fail a thesis, shortcomings in literary presentation for example editing and clearness could be a strong deterrent for an examiner and create a largely negative evaluation.

The external examiner must provide the Faculty Associate Dean, Graduate Studies with a written assessment of the thesis at least one week before the scheduled defence.PhD thesis examination regulations.

Table of contents. Phd thesis examination. Prior to defence. PhD thesis examining committee; The PhD Thesis Examining Committee's report must include a brief outline of the nature of the changes required and must indicate the time by which the changes are to be completed.

Changes must be completed to the. Lynette Vroomans PhD thesis comments examiner number 1 Keywords: narrative therapy, research, evaluation Created Date: 1/6/ AM.

External Examiner's Report

The study of Australian PhD examination reported here draws on the written reports on theses across all discipline areas. Text categories identified in the reports are linked to other data including the recommendation examiners give the thesis and the final report of the committee.

International Journal of Business and Social Science Volume 8 • Number 10 • October PhD Thesis Examination Report: Horror upon Horror.

Note: Detailed instructions for completing this form are found in the Chair’s Guide for PhD Oral Thesis Defence Examination Procedures, available from the Graduate Studies Office.

effective date:. The purpose of this document is to describe the policy and procedure for the examination of PhD theses as required by the regulations for the PhD degree. The accompanying flowchart provides a diagrammatical representation of the examination process. Each of the examiners is requested to furnish a written report on the thesis together with.

Phd thesis examination report
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