Jb hi fi consulting report 2014

The marks awarded will depend on the quality of the reasoning exhibited and the ability to express the argument in a concise manner. He says the fall in sales also feeds through to tablet accessories.

JB Hi-Fi is pushing on with its store expansion and refurbishment plans, with a focus on home appliances to offset declining sales for other products including tablet devices. That compares to 27 per cent of sales in While we continue to see good growth in many areas including appliances, visual, telco, fitness products, that was more than counterbalanced by the market-wide decline in tablets," he said.

JB Hi-Fi Limited

Late assignments will be accepted up to 72 hours after the submission deadline. Your assignment is missing this cover sheet, 2. Failure to submit it may result in a zero mark for the entire assessment. All questions should be attempted. Cash and cash equivalents.

Do NOT include this document in your assignment when submitting. You MUST keep a copy of the assignment you submit.

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You MUST ensure that all pages are securely and properly fastened with staples not paper clips! What is the total value in the consolidated financial statements for each of the following items at the end of the year? Use the cover sheet provided on Moodle System.

JB expects new products to help sales but not return growth in tablet purchases to its prior levels. You did not sign the acknowledgement on the cover sheet. The marks of each question would be awarded based on your understanding of the questions, concepts and procedures; hence you should demonstrate your answers step by step.

The retailer converted 13 existing stores to its JB Hi-Fi Home brand in the past financial year while the category accounted for one of eight new stores.

The sales mix is a good outcome. All relevant details requested on this sheet must be supplied. The company also announced a share buyback today, with plans to acquire 0. Sales of music, movies and computer programs, a long-term source of income for JB, continued their steady decline.

The assignment must be submitted on or before 5pm Friday, 23 September, Another 26 stores are slated to be converted to JB Hi-Fi Home nwith four of eight new stores to also focus on home-based products.

Refer to the 2014 annual report of JB Hi-Fi Limited on its website

Important information is missing, and 3.Refer to the annual report of JB Hi-Fi Limited on its website, mi-centre.com, and answer the following questions: 1. List the subsidiary companies in the JB Hi-Fi Group.

2. What is the value of the group’s sales revenue for the current and previous years? Sep 15,  · Updated annual income statement for JB Hi-Fi Ltd. - including JBH income, sales & revenue, operating expenses, EBITDA and more. Appendix 4E. Preliminary Final Report. For the year ended 30 June JB Hi-Fi Limited.

ACN This preliminary final report is provided to the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX) under ASX Listing Rule A. After 14 years, retiring JB Hi-Fi chief Terry Smart has gone out with a whimper rather than a bang, but it reflected the company's outlook rather than the annual result.

Revenue increased 5% to $bn from a year earlier chiefly due to an increase in store numbers, with operating earnings increasing 8% to $m. View JB Hi_Fi Limited_Annual_Report_ Lease from ACCT at University of Melbourne. 31 Cents per share $ Cents per share $.

Annual report for JB Hi-Fi Section 1 Introduction: JB Hi-Fi is an electronics company that have franchises across Australia. It is a chain store operation headquartered in Melbourne/5(1).

Jb hi fi consulting report 2014
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