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Sir Edward Crecy, was an English knight, who was most likely Christian, having no affiliation to the religion of Islam, and thus he does not see the peaceful side of the Muslim attempts at converting non-believers, he focuses on the vicious fighting style, used to punish those who chose not to convert.

Furthermore, all of the documents were similar in the aspect that there were only two methods shown in the spread of Christianity: In the excerpt from A Short Story, Random House, Karen Armstrong uses a serious tone to show how she believes that there were many raids against the non-Muslim communities so that they could preserve the ummah, and claims these are not religious campaigns.

The Muslims were guaranteed protection.

This document is definitely reliable due to the fact that it is derived form the holy book of the Muslims. Kitti, being educated, believes that expansion of the Islamic empire was so successful, because the religion treated so many people, like women, and the poor so much better than they had previously been treated, helping Islam spread into these societies.

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Al-Baladhuri seems to be a reliable source due to the fact that he wrote it as a primary source in CE. Another reason for the quick spreading of Islam is through the military campaigns that occurred around the time that the faith emerged.

All in all, the Islamic faith was spread so quickly due to three reasons. The government was requested to always stand up for the Muslim people and protect them from danger doc E.

Get Full Essay Get access to this section to get all help you need with your essay and educational issues. Pope Urban II, indescribes another way that Christianity spread. More essays like this: In the excerpt from The Origins of the Islamic State, Ahmad ibn-Jabir al-Baladhuri, used a serious tone to show how he believes that Allah helped the Muslims beat the Byzantine army since they were believers, but this source is untrustworthy because it is bias since the author is Muslim and believed that Allah caused the Muslim army to win.

Religious benefits such as equality and afterlife, pleased many non-believers so that they did convert.

These methods were implicated by religions so each can fulfill their duties based upon the beliefs and teachings of their individual religion. The first being through trade and the exposing of the faith, the second being through military campaigns and how they influenced non-Muslims to convert, and finally the last being that there were many positive aspects of the faith which non-Muslims found appealing.

Since Mecca was where Islam first emerged and so much trade occurred, it caused Islam to spread quickly.

Buddhism was spread mainly by the expansion of empires, and empires in general. Religion played a key role in the spread of Islam, just as much as the Political side did.

But, the document may have included bias since Al-Baladhari was of the Islamic faith himself. And finally, wherever merchants went, the Islamic faith came with them and spread across a vast land.

In Document number 3, Phillip K. This is best delineated by documents 3,6, and 8.

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To better show spread through positive aspects of the faith, a journal entry from a non-believer would be helpful because it would show how they thought Islam was appealing from its positive aspects and cause them to want to convert.

Columba in CE, adds to how Christianity was spread through the use of missionaries.DBQ Christianity VS Islam The attitudes of Christianity and Islam toward merchants and trade are similar yet different. Over time Christian and Islamic attitudes towards the merchants and trade have changed.

A religion is defined as an organized system of beliefs, ceremonies, practices, and worship that centers around one or more gods. Islam: pages Comparing Religions DBQ Author: Andrew Taylor. Islam Religion Dbq Essay 3/4/11 Islam DBQ Per: 4 Islam was a fast spreading religion in a time when Christianity and other religions had already established themselves.

Islam gained a reputation as a violent religion when it attacked and conquered areas, and made violent threats. Essay on Dbq Islam and Christianity Words Jan 2nd, 4 Pages Prompt: Using the documents, compare and contrast the attitudes of Christianity and Islam toward merchants and trade from the religions origins’ origins until about Islam is a monotheistic religion that spread very quickly throughout south, South-Eastern Asia, and Africa through exposure to the religion.

The Islamic faith spread so quickly because of the positive aspects of the religion, trade, and also military campaigns. Name%_____%%%Date%_____%%%Class%_____%%%Period%_____% Directions:Many%factors%contributed%to%the%spread%of%Islamthroughout%the%world.%Examine%the%documents%below% and.

Islam religion dbq
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