Gadgets uses and misuses

Drawing a picture on an app or a computer program and labeling it is a worthwhile activity, but why bother if that activity is an end in itself? Whether it is an iPad or an iPod touch, a desktop or a laptop, a growing number of teachers are either being given access to this technology by their school boards or bringing their own devices to class to help Gadgets uses and misuses to learn.

Without Laptop they are not able to do their office work, prepare pesentations etc. In case of any crime connected with the mobile users, the service providers should volunteer to cooperate with the law enforcement authorities to help in nabbing the culprits.

The long-term ill-effects of using the fingers for prolonged SMS should be kept in mind.

Screen Grabs: Vampire Diaries uses Galaxy Note to scratch out sinister signals

Of late, the mobile phone has come into the limelight and it is being put to use for illegal operations — terrorist attacks, extortions, kidnapping and sex and drug rackets.

There are many electronic gadgets like computer, television, mobile phones, mp3 players, ipod, fax machine, printer etc. For example, hearing books being read aloud is an important part of primary literacy.

Gadget Usage

Complex work also become easier after usage of electronic gadgets. We are blessed to have a lot of technology in my classroom and my favourite part of that is the choice it gives my students in both their learning style and in sharing what they have learned.

A report suggests that 1, new users are being added every minute globally. The government too has kept its hands off this controversy. Phones called people; TVs showed television shows. Bythat number will double, by current estimates.

Before the advent of the Internet, classrooms were forced to be isolated learning hives. People are so much addicted of these electronic gadgets, that they cant imagine their life without them.

The Use and Abuse of Technology in the Classroom

There is a huge negative effect of electronic gadgets ie. A stricter check with verification of the personal details of the persons who apply for cell phones should be done before issuing a pre-paid or post-paid mobile connection.

Flaunting a mobile telephone is no longer a status symbol. A discussion arose at the Plymouth meeting of the Devonshire Association in when it was suggested that this word should be recorded in the list of local verbal provincialisms.

Another health concern is that gadgetry tends to require immobility. Stricter check It is no more a fashion to go on SMS for thrills to friends. The ubiquitous shiny device has been lapped up by practically every member of our society, cutting across religion, caste, gender and income groups — domestic help, hawkers, plumbers, doctors, homemakers, teachers, students, journalists, engineers, lawyers, et al.

Because of the multitude of choices and opportunities that technology enables, this is a positive development. Video of the Day The need for offices has been eliminated for some people.

The origins of the word "gadget" trace back to the 19th century. Usage of Computer means too much addiction, can delelte your work, people become lethargic. My heart does a happy dance when I see these.

The use, misuse... and abuse of the mobile phone

The rapid increase in the number of electronic gadgets, as projected by the International Energy Agency, not only means greater carbon dioxide emissions but also increasing energy demands that will need to be met.

Technology should not be used as a way to keep students occupied. There is some concern at the radiation and other effects on human beings with prolonged use of mobile phones, especially by young children.

It should not be just to keep students busy while you work with small Gadgets uses and misuses of children. Technology should be for sharing with the world. I need to make careful pedagogical choices and use those books in a way that will gently and purposefully help those children to become independent readers.

They take it wherever they go, including the morning or evening constitutional. While the technology of cellphones is improving regularly, we need to inculcate in the users a sense of responsibility.

I have also frequently heard it applied by motor-cycle friends to the collection of fitments to be seen on motor cycles.Free Essays on Misuse Of Modern Gadgets. Search. Research on Gadgets. theories: Effects of Modern Gadgets by Paul Nagno His results indicate the misuses of Facebook.

He acknowledges how his students text-message during class, talk on their cell phones, and use wireless lecture halls as a time to get Save Paper; 6 Page;. Misuse of Electronic Gadgets There are many positive as well as negative impact of electronic gadgets in our day to day life.

There are many electronic gadgets like computer, television, mobile phones, mp3 players, ipod, fax machine, printer etc.

that we. Essays - largest database of quality sample essays and research papers on Gadgets Uses And Misuses. Uses And Misuses Of Modern Gadgets. to be discussed includes usual functions of modern gadgets, how much do students use the gadgets and most essential function of gadgets.

Modern Gadgets. According to a dictionary definition, “A gadget is a small tool or device that has a specific useful purpose and function. Mobile phones have their uses and misuses. Uses: The ability to talk wirelessly and all across the world is one of the major uses of cell phones.

Cell phones have surfaced as the main communication gadgets for millions of countryside, distant and undersized areas in many developing countries where it is quite hard to build widespread fixed-line.

Advantages & Disadvantages of Electronic Gadgets

Gadgets make many things more efficient, but like every other aspect of life, they come with their own set of disadvantages as well. As of .

Gadgets uses and misuses
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