Emotinal intelligence and job satisfaction

As such, it seems that the results of the studies which have examined relation between emotional intelligence and job satisfaction are different. This study was performed as a dissertation project to fulfill the requirements of MD degree. Gholam Abbas Mousavi performed the data analysis.

However, Keshani study in indicated that there is significant relation between job satisfaction and gender, which is not consistent with our findings The mediating effect of job satisfaction between emotional intelligence and organisational commitment of nurses: Emotional Intelligence and Organizational Commitment: Is the job satisfaction of primary care team members associated with patient satisfaction?

Exploring Workplace Implications of Emotional Intelligence on job outcomes and turnover intention in health care. Cekmecelioglu also showed a significant positive relation between emotional recognition —the first dimension of Emotinal intelligence and job satisfaction intelligence and internal job satisfaction but he did not found any relation between emotional intelligence and external job satisfaction Trivellas found that there is a positive relation between only two dimensions of emotional intelligence and job satisfaction FA performed the data interpretation and drafting of the manuscript.

Relation of employee and manager emotional intelligence to job satisfaction and performance. An examination among senior managers. The case for the ability-based model of emotional intelligence in organizational behavior.

How emotional intelligence relates to job satisfaction and burnout in public service jobs

It seems necessary for the managing authorities to explore the etiology of job dissatisfaction to prevent job burnout, depression and developing a sense of helplessness in the staff. Acknowledgments We thank all of the participants who helped us in this survey. In Iran, the effect of emotional intelligence on job satisfaction is of lesser degree resulting from lower income, harder working conditions, and fewer facilities.

Perhaps, the reason for the inconsistency among the findings of different studies on the association between emotional intelligence and job satisfaction is the fact that it is affected by various factors. Perhaps one reason for the difference in the results is the use of different tools to measure emotional intelligence and job satisfaction.

Job satisfaction of nurses and identifying factors of job satisfaction in Slovenian Hospitals. A meta-analytic investigation of predictive validity and nomological net. The authors declared that they had no competing interests. Samari EA, Tahmasebi F.

Stud Health Technol Inform. Why does affect matter in organizations? Some studies have shown that emotional intelligence helps nurses to develop therapeutic relationships with patients and their families and to manage stress 7.Emotional intelligence and job satisfaction are two concepts of high interest in the modern work environment.

They serve as a competitive edge in. The aim of this research was to empirically investigate, the impact of emotional intelligence (EI) on job satisfaction.

This study considers emotional intelligence as a multidimensional construct. ASSESSING JOB SATISFACTION AND EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE IN PUBLIC SCHOOL TEACHERS A Thesis Presented to The.

Evaluation of Emotional Intelligence and Job Satisfaction in Employees of Kashan Hospitals

Public service workers require higher levels of emotional intelligence because most public service jobs involve emotionally intense work focused on service to the public. Moreover, such emotional work may lead to a high degree of burnout and job dissatisfaction, which directly relates to organizational outcomes.

Focusing on public. Apart from its mediating role, surface acting was also a moderator of the emotional intelligence-job satisfaction relationship.

Hierarchical multiple regression analysis revealed that surface acting could predict job satisfaction over and above emotional intelligence dimensions. Recently, in the “emotionally charged” healthcare field.

Emotional Intelligence and Job Satisfaction

Recent trends in testing the psychological aspects of employees has led to consider emotional intelligence as one of the main factors that determine job satisfaction.

The study was carried out to test relationship between emotional intelligence and job satisfaction on the basis of the data collected from white collared employees working .

Emotinal intelligence and job satisfaction
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