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I simply used to take pictures for fun, without thought as to the "nature of the recording process and the nature of the image.

A composer may build up a symphony over a long period of time; a painter may spend a lifetime working on one picture and still not consider it finished.

However, this is done with simplicity in which only the basic, necessary equipment is needed, and where there are no rules to follow, but to capture your point of view of the world.

Now let us see how this camera-vision applies to the fields of subject matter and composition. No matter how sharp and truthful his photographs became or were, they seemed to always have a pictorial feel. His compilation of photographs of California sand dunes is considered by many to be his finest work.

Inhe was awarded the first Guggenheim fellowship. It was published, most of it after his death.

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We select music or dancing, sculpture or writing because we feel that within the frame of that particular medium we can best express whatever it is we have to say.

They believed that the image should be pin sharp from front to back and should be printed on smooth glossy papers. When subject matter is forced to fit into preconceived patterns, there Edward weston seeing photographically essay be no freshness of vision.

An example of one of my own Pictorialist images using differential focus. The reading continues by explaining that the photo-painting standard, in which a photographer tries to capture painting-like images, actually diminishes the art of photography.

The photographer must work out his problem, restricted by the size of his camera, the focal length of his lens, the certain grade of dry plate or film, and the printing process he is using: But I have started with art as subject matter, though I have been asked to write my viewpoint on "Pictorial Photography.

He made many photographs in Mexico. My finished print is there on the ground glass, with all its values, in exact proportions. No sharp line can be drawn between the subject matter appropriate to photography and that more suitable to the other graphic arts.

With over twenty years of experience, I never try to plan in advance. Today, readers are most likely to encounter the term as it was used by Susan Sontag, in her book On Photographyin the sections in which she drew on the ideas of the photographers of the s and 40s to critique "photographic seeing", going on to suggest alternative impersonal modes of photography that were drawn from Chinese communism.

The photographic image partakes more of the nature of a mosaic than of a drawing or painting. We are neither affiliated with the author of this essay nor responsible for its content.

In common with other artists the photographer wants his finished print to convey to others his own response to his subject. This was a legacy that tells an interesting tale; it tells a tale of a thousand plus successful and loved photographs, a daily journal, and a life with its ups and downs and broad dimensions.

The fact is that relatively few photographers ever master their medium. It is indeed a true legacy, a legacy that lives on through the sharp, up close-and personal photographs.

The real harm lay in the fact that the false standard became firmly established, so that the goal of artistic endeavor became photo-painting rather than photography.

Prompt 2 – Edward Weston “Seeing Photographically”

Although creative expressionism can create limitations, I believe that it is still a useful tool in expressing oneself as the reading states. Within its brief duration, no stopping or changing or reconsidering is possible.

I have started two of my own boys in photography and expect to with the other two: While my shots were usually ok as informal snapshots, they were horrible for sharing my research.

It is only recently that I have begun to change my opinion and style by reading about and experimenting with ultra long exposure photography and Intentional Camera Movement Photography and studying the work of people who specialise in these genres.

The same goes for the subject matter and the composition of the photograph in addition to the lighting, camera angles, focus, etc. Each of us is in a certain stage of development and it would be a drab world if we all thought alike.

Before taking this course, I had never really thought about how intricate and detailed the process of taking a picture is.Edward Weston (Article) Seeing Photographically in book "The photography reader pg Orphan|date=February }}Photographic seeing is a term encountered in modern critical writing about documentary and fine art photographers and photography.

Seeing Photographically By Edward Weston Presentation by Jordan Watters “Each medium of expression imposes its own limitations on the artist – limitations inherent in the tools, materials, or processes he employs. In the essay, “Seeing Photographically” by Edward Weston, photography is labeled as a unique form of art in which the process of taking the image and the finished product are both instantaneous.

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Seeing Photographically Edward Weston, The Complete Photographer, Vol. 9, No.

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49, pp.Each medium of expression imposes its own limitations on the artist —limitations inherent in the tools, materials, or processes he employs. Project description Assignment Details Part 1 Research a photographer.

Choose 1 photographer from the following list: Edward Weston Julia Margaret Cameron Henri Cartier-Bresson Berenice Abbott Ansel Adams Carrie Mae Weems Use the textbook, intellipath material, the Internet, and the Unit Resources for help.

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