Edna s final decision

On one hand, this decision can be seen as a personal victory. Staying with Robert or returning to her family would result in Edna circling back to where she began- living a life in which she has to repress all of her own dreams and desires to fit into what society deems appropriate and respectable.

This is evident by the way that she is taught to use her talents. There was no one thing in the world that she desired. However, Edna probably would not be truly defeated by society unless she reverts to its ways.

Study Questions 1 What is the symbolic importance of the lady in black and of the two lovers? He expects her to perform the role of devoted audience, and yet earlier in the afternoon he had shown little interest in speaking with her, leaving to go to the club just after she had returned from her swim.

She was not thinking of these things when she walked down to the beach. She does have her moments in each of these areas, but she is unable to find the fulfillment and satisfaction for which she is looking. This solitude does not speak to any sort of strength of autonomy but rather to an ascetic, self-effacing withdrawal from life and passion.

These characters often appear at the same points in the novel; what is the significance of this pairing? Though she does pursue happiness, she is not happy. It has aspects of both, and it is difficult to choose just one. Her lack of self-expression reinforces the lack of individuality underlying her self-governed but meaningless life.

Edna longs for independence from her husband, but the lady in black embodies the only such independence that society accepts in women: Though she meets many interesting people from many walks of life, they do not fulfill her and she eventually withdraws from their company. She learns that, as a woman, the expectations society places on her are restrictive and unfair, so she flaunts them.

Despondency had come upon her there in the wakeful night, and had never lifted. She discovers that sex can be pleasurable, so she tries it.

She learns that she wants to be free of the restrictions placed on her by society, so she removes herself from it in order to be her freest self. When considering the future, it can be assumed by his conventional views that Robert also believes that the two of them will follow tradition and Edna will take the role of an acceptable housewife, something that she cannot imagine herself doing again.

She does not give in to what society is demanding of her. In the end, her realizations create in her a desire she sees no way to fulfill. She will be herself until the end.

For example, in the beginning of the novel, Edna has many encounters with Adele Ratignolle, who is the quintessential mother-woman.Sep 28,  · Edna Pontellier's suicide is both a failure and a tragedy. he leaves her a final goodbye (basically saying that it's over between them).

Delete. Reply. Sara Castanes October 5, at AM. Edna's suicide was a failure to reach triumph. Would her suicide her decision to acquire freedom from her society,or mere limitation. Edna’s final decision of committing suicide in The Awakening is inevitably linked to freedom.

Discussion Questions for The Awakening by Kate Chopin What is important about the title? view her suicide as a final awakening, a decision to give herself to the sea in a show of strength and How does the text portray Edna’s growing.

After reading “The Awakening”, it is clear that Edna Pontellier’s decision to commit suicide was a decision that was made due to the possibility of freedom. Edna Pontellier was shown to be a woman who was married to a man that had more rights than she did due to the fact that women’s rights were not established.

- Edna’s Choice in Kate Chopin's The Awakening The text of Kate Chopin’s The Awakening often makes Edna Pontellier appear selfish and unfeeling, especially towards her children.

Chopin does, however, allow for the possibility that Edna’s final act may be one of unselfish love for her children.

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Edna s final decision
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