Deck newspaper terminology

A derogatory description for writing in an opinionated, subjective manner. A shoddy or lazy form of journalism. Also called a breakout.

Also the white space between text columns. Commonly used on photo sites Deck newspaper terminology as Flickr or in conjunction with user-generated content, to show where a photo, video or article came from.

A senior journalist in a newsroom who assigns stories to reporters and organises and monitors how they do their work. Serif and Sans Serif — Plain font type with or without lines perpendicular to the ends of characters.

Blogger — A person who writes a blog. It is popular because it is a free and flexible alternative to expensive systems like Oracle. A designation given to lumber indicating the amount of flaws and knots typically found in the wood.

In television sometimes called sync.

What Is a Deck in Journalism?

Short for atmosphere, this is background noise recorded on location. Sometimes called ambient sound. Usually a reporter or editor not formally employed by any media organisation, instead working on projects under contract or paid individual amounts for work accepted for publication or broadcast.

Terminology of decks

A company that sells stories to media organisations. Investigative Journalism — A story that requires a great amount of research to come up with facts that might be hidden, buried, or obscured by people who have a vested interest in keeping those facts from being published Jargon — Any overly obscure, technical, or bureaucratic words that would not be used in everyday language.

Nut Graf — Paragraph containing the essential elements of a story. Retraction — A withdrawal of a previously-published story or fact. An extended unwanted silence on radio, often caused by technical or operating errors. Also bear in mind that your own reputation will be judged on the quality of the articles you link to; if you have any interest or connection with the story, publication or author, then declare it.

The latest releases of most browsers support HTML5 to varying degrees. Long tail - The effect of publishing content online and keeping it available in an archive.

Journalism and publishing terms - jargon buster

Can be made of many materials including metal, Injection-molded plastics, even decorative glass tops for round and square posts. Also called press conference or news conference. A specially equipped office where journalists work producing news. The copy editor ensures the text flows, makes sense, is fair and accurate, and poses no legal problems.

It is run by the not-for-profit creativecommons.Information about decks, the building of decks and the design of decks - Balusters, spindles, News and Info Give Feedback NADRA Homepage: DECK-SPEAK A GLOSSARY OF DECK CONSTRUCTION TERMS.

Baluster: One of a series of vertical supports used between posts of a. Jan 14,  · Newspaper Journalism Glossary. Posted on January 14, | 1 Comment. Deck – Part of the headline which summarises the story.

Also called deck copy or bank. News Agency – Company that sells stories to newspapers or magazines. Nut Graf – Paragraph containing the essential elements of a story. The news writing style is the standard for reporting news in media outlets, such as television, newspapers and radio.

One aspect that it covers is the correct usage of journalistic terminologies. The deck comes before the headline and the main story. DECK - Used to denote the number of lines in a headline.

A two-deck head would have two lines. A two-deck head would have two lines. DEADLINE - Last opportunity to complete a story, or shoot a page.

Terminology of decks The following terms define all of the important components of a typical deck. Beams or girders: Hefty framing members (usually 4x, 6x, or doubled or tripled 2x stock) attached horizontally to the posts to support the joists.

Citizen journalism - Term used to describe the reporting of news events by members of the public most commonly on blogs and social networking websites.

Other terms include participatory journalism and networked journalism though it should not be confused with civic journalism, which is practiced by professional journalists.

Deck - Part of.

Deck newspaper terminology
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