Comparing and contrasting the male and female condom

What are the advantages of female condoms?

Some forms of periodic abstinence encourage examination of the cervix; insertion of the fingers into the vagina to perform this examination may cause changes in the vaginal environment. User dependence[ edit ] Different methods require different levels of diligence by users.

Methods with little or nothing to do or remember, or that require a clinic visit less than once per year are said to be non-user dependent, forgettable or top-tier methods.

Other methods provide little or no protection against sexually transmitted diseases. Minimal or no other side effects are possible with coitus interruptus, fertility awareness-based, and LAM.

Users sensitive to latex may use barriers made of less allergenic materials - polyurethane condoms, or silicone diaphragms, for example. Many hormonal methods of birth control, and LAM require a moderate level of thoughtfulness.

The rules for LAM must be followed every day. A positive characteristic of IUDs is that fertility and the ability to become pregnant returns quickly once the IUD is removed.

Injections are required every 12 weeks. A "perfect-use" rate is where any rules of the method are rigorously followed, and if applicable the method is used at every act of intercourse. However, "ninety-nine percent of IUD users are pleased with them". For many hormonal methods, clinic visits must be made every three months to a year to renew the prescription.

The actual failure rates for these methods may be much higher than the perfect-use failure rates. Not all, or even most, users will experience side effects from a method. Effectiveness calculation[ edit ] Failure rates may be calculated by either the Pearl Index or a life table method.

The pill must be taken every day, the patch must be reapplied weekly, or the ring must be replaced monthly. Barrier methods are also often combined with spermicides, which have possible side effects of genital irritation, vaginal infection, and urinary tract infection.

Actual failure rates are higher than perfect-use rates for a variety of reasons: They also provide some protection against cervical cancer. Effectiveness[ edit ] The table below color codes the typical-use and perfect-use failure rateswhere the failure rate is measured as the expected number of pregnancies per year per woman using the method: Barrier methods have a risk of allergic reaction.

Fertility awareness-based methods may require daily tracking of the menstrual cycle. Sterilization procedures are generally considered to have low risk of side effects, though some persons and organizations disagree.

Higher levels of user commitment are required for other methods.

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The less effective the method, the greater the risk of the side-effects associated with pregnancy. The actual failure rates for LAM and hormonal methods are somewhat higher than the perfect-use failure rates.

Both LAM and hormonal methods provide a reduced level of protection against pregnancy if they are occasionally used incorrectly rarely going longer than 4—6 hours between breastfeeds, a late pill or injection, or forgetting to replace a patch or ring on time.Comparison of birth control methods Jump to navigation Jump to the penis must be guided into place when initiating intercourse).

The female condom should be removed immediately after intercourse, and before the male condom should be applied when the penis is erect so that it is properly applied prior to intercourse.

With an. What are the advantages of female condoms? Because female condoms are larger than male condoms and don’t fit snugly around a penis, they give your partner’s penis more breathing room, which some people find more comfortable. During vaginal sex, the female condom’s inner ring may stimulate the tip of the penis, and the external.

Nov 27,  · Condoms: Male vs.

Birth control method comparison chart

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Comparison of birth control methods

Here is a helpful guide for women who are choosing a birth control method — including the reliability and pros and cons of various birth control options. • Male condom 87–98%. Yes, except for STI's contracted from genital areas not covered* More costly than male condoms • Female cervical cap Varies: 68–91% No.

Pros: Can be. Comparing Combined Methods; Comparing Injectables; Comparing Implants; Comparing Condoms; Questions and Answers About Female Condoms. 1. Is the female condom difficult to use? 3. Can a female condom and a male condom be used at the same time?

Comparing and contrasting the male and female condom
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