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Our speaker stays the same yet her location seems to change throughout the stanzas. This is concluded in the first stanza, which has her explaining that her companion has spent the night and that she does not mind him staying Brief encounter essay breakfast, but she does not want him to remain afterward.

This piece is reflective of a short lived relationship between a young woman possibly the author, and her encounter with a desirable partner with whom she has had a brief sexual encounter. As they dance, her judgment becomes clouded and her inhibitions appear to fade.

This is inferred by her comment to her partner regarding him not lingering around. How to Write a Summary of an Article? In the beginning our speaker appears to be at home.

A Brief Encounter

In my opinion, the altered tones and situations create a balance to the poem that keeps the reader intrigued. The second stanza denotes a lustful, yearning of her partner. The next line shows a more callous attitude towards her lover.

She has cooked breakfast and it does not matter if they stay to eat, yet if the meal is not of his preference, it is not of importance to her.

The situations and settings of the poem add to the theme of the poem as well as her use of figurative speech to describe the emotions she experiences during and from these relationships.

The first emotion expressed is one of indifference towards her lover. The last two lines illustrate the physical connection that has occurred. The author has expressed the emotions that most people experience during their own relationships, whether or not the relationship was the similar to the one described in the poem.

Having family in Hong Kong, Hawaii and all over the West Coast reinforced assimilation as an important issue to her. The first half represents that they have pleasured her physically in the most personal part of her body, while the second half symbolizes the emotional contact that her partner has made with her heart.

She does not want this association to be comparable to her past relationships, in which her previous lovers left scorned. There is a profound sexual undertone expressed throughout the piece which could also be associated with the title of the poem.

The sentiment of the first three lines of this stanza illustrates her empathy. Marilyn Chin is an Asian contemporary writer who has three collections of work and her other pieces can be found in various anthologies.

Her use of figurative speech captivates the reader, and allows them to experience her emotional journey through language. The situations and settings of the poem vary as much as the tones do. The first lines declare her trepidation that she might not find someone else like her partner.

She also reflects on former companions during the third stanza, speculating if her resent beau plans to follow similar actions taken by her previous partners. The last two lines seem to be more of a daydream that has her envisioning herself and her partner in a field of floss and iris.

Brief Encounter

The metaphor used in the last two lines symbolizes the physical and emotional feelings experienced by the speaker.

Her unemotional statement has let her companion know that she is not concerned about their feelings. She was influenced by activist poets and has won numerous awards throughout her career.This piece is reflective of a short lived relationship between a young woman possibly the author, and her encounter with a desirable partner with whom she Brief encounter essay had a brief sexual encounter.

Brief Encounter is a romance play, performed for many audiences, the play is well known for its outstanding imagination throughout. It is a classic play filled with many types of music and the quality of acting creates a fantastic play. Despite our obvious differences, we have managed to get along well with that brief encounter.

He says life has been quite easy for him, being endowed with plentiful resources where only a. THEA – Film History I Comparative Essay 1: Romance in Classical Hollywood Bronwen Clewley In the midst of the Hollywood’s Classical era, both David Lean’s film Brief Encounter and Frank Capra’s film It Happened One Night are stories of restrained romance, supressed largely by the censorship codes of the time.

Brief Encounter is a melancholy, noir-like film that gives its main characters little satisfaction in the end and emphasizes the importance of faithfulness to one’s marriage.

It Happened One Night is also focused on marriage, but gives the characters a happy ending and allows for more progressive thought, despite being the earlier film. Brief Encounter Essays: OverBrief Encounter Essays, Brief Encounter Term Papers, Brief Encounter Research Paper, Book Reports.

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Brief encounter essay
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