Accounting is fun

They find bookkeeping too exciting. What did the accountant say when he looked at the tax form? An accountant on vacation. In other words you owe money to someone. An accountant without the sense of humour.

What did the accountant say when he got a blank check? I call this language accountantese. Anyways, accountants have come up with some very Accounting is fun definitions for assets, liabilities, and owners equity.

By refusing to fill in the Guest Comment Card. Unlike most CPA firms, we are committed to having fun, especially during this time of year. The basic idea is that all debit entries go on the left hand side and all credit entries go on the right hand side. Churches have to keep track of all the different places the money is going so they set up little funds to do so.

Getting paid is fun: Since you may not know much about the rich and exciting history of accounting, I thought we would share some of that with you in this article.

Assets are anything that will cause a probable future benefit. The entire industry seems to be embracing young and hip over staid and stodgy. Because they can wear casual clothes to work. Owners Equity is a little harder to define.

77 Jokes for Accountants

In fact, it has only been used since the s. How does an accountant trash their hotel room? My deductions have at last caught up with the salary. And I think the era of the suit and tie at work every day is over. He burned his office down trying to cook the books.

You are on your way to becoming a full time accountant.

Being a CPA is FUN!!!!

We will examine how to keep valued employees, partners and staff in a future blog. Some people like to ask me, the accountingman, tough questions.1 Fun and Engaging Activities to Use in the Accounting Classroom Tracie L. Nobles, CPA Austin Community College Cathy J.

Fun Facts about Accounting

Scott Navarro College. In celebration of Accounting Day, check out the below infographic, which contains 10 totally random but interesting facts about accounting. Interested in accounting? Find out what it takes to become a CPA! May 19,  · The Basic Accounting Equation. When I was deciding whether or not to become an accounting major, one of the things that helped me make my decision was that accounting, despite popular belief, doesn’t require much complex math.

Fun Accounting Games

Trivia. An easy but fun game for any accounting class or firm is trivia. Trivia can be set up in many ways; however, the essentials are a set of trivia questions and an incentive for getting those questions right.

Accounting includes various challenges, and facing them is fun also challenging your mind is fun. The joy of accounting comes from advising people and improving their lives financially.

So there is no doubt in saying that accounting is fun. Quizzes & Games Menu - Learn Bookkeeping & Accounting For Free | These accounting tests and games cover introductory bookkeeping and accounting concepts and are provided for those wanting exams to test their accounting and bookkeeping knowlege and skills while having a little fun too.

10 Fun Accounting Facts


Accounting is fun
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