A discussion on witchcraft at salem

Click "Next" to edit the chart and select its location. Reerected here with an exterior facade to look like a barn, this ca. The number of accusations each month of the Salem outbreak, beginning with January 1. It heard charges against a servant girl, Mary Watkins, for falsely accusing her mistress of witchcraft.

Users are encouraged to explore these issues further in historical sources, but some possible explanations for these findings can be found here. As hysteria spread through the community and beyond into the rest of Massachusetts, a number of others were accused, including Martha Corey and Rebecca Nurse—both regarded as upstanding members of church and community—and the four-year-old daughter of Sarah Good.

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What happened to them? After two days of peine fort et dure, Corey died without entering a plea. Houses the Ellerton J. By the new year the colony was becoming exhausted with the witchcraft frenzy, and learned persons were speaking against the validity of "spectral evidence" being used in court.

When the first inquiry is made into the circumstances of such as may lie under the just suspicion of witchcrafts, we could wish that there may be admitted as little as is possible of such noise, company and openness as may too hastily expose them that are examined, and that there may no thing be used as a test for the trial of the suspected, the lawfulness whereof may be doubted among the people of God; but that the directions given by such judicious writers as Perkins and Bernard [be consulted in such a case].

Salem Witch Trials

In earlyRev. The Social Origins of Witchcraft. Start your free trial today. Nurse Homestead, Pine St. The line chart illustrates the relationship of accusations and executions in Charges were dismissed against many, but sixteen more people were indicted and tried, three of whom were found guilty: Samuel Parris as their new minister.

As in complaints upon witchcrafts, there may be matters of inquiry which do not amount unto matters of presumption, and there may be matters of presumption which yet may not be matters of conviction, so it is necessary, that all proceedings thereabout be managed with an exceeding tenderness towards those that may be complained of, especially if they have been persons formerly of an unblemished reputation.

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All five women were executed by hanging on July 19, Cotton Mather, being mounted upon a Horse, addressed himself to the People, partly to declare that he [Mr. John Alden by proclamation. Why were the Army-McCarthy hearings important? Is there an explanation as to why accusations peaked in May and virtually halted in June?

How were the accused investigated?

Salem witch trials

Not until April did substantial numbers of accusations twenty-two occur, indicating that for at least a month after the initial charges, the outbreak remained a small-scale event, similar to other, limited witchcraft incidents of colonial America. Though I believe that the just God then ordinarily provides a way for the speedy vindication of the persons thus abused.

Specifically, this chart shows how changes in the number of accusations each month relate to changes in the number of executions each month during In Ipswich, Rachel Clinton was arrested for witchcraft at the end of March on independent charges unrelated to the afflictions of the girls in Salem Village.The Salem witch trials were a series of hearings and prosecutions of people accused of witchcraft in colonial Massachusetts between February and May More than people were accused, nineteen of which were found guilty and executed by hanging (fourteen women and five men).

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The sudden and dramatic decline of both accusations and executions in October shows that to a substantial degree, the Salem witch hunt had come to an end.

During its lifetime, however, Salem Witchcraft was chronologically extensive, spreading over the Massachusetts countryside in two waves.

He is a reverend who is summoned to Salem to identify witches. He puts the majority of Salem in jail, but later realizes that there is no witchcraft in Salem-only corruption. He leaves and returns later. When No Discussion Guide Available; Most Requested Guides of ; Starting a Reading Group; Discussion Questions Salem Falls.

by Jodi Picoult. 1. In the same vein, what is so attractive about witchcraft to the girls of Salem Falls, either in the stereotypical sense or in the realistic sense?

Or to any girls, for that matter?. In order to bring home the emotional power of the Salem witch trials, You can then lead the class in a discussion of the similarities among the stories that students shared.

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A discussion on witchcraft at salem
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