A discussion on the economic and social problem of unemployment

Unknown in Soviet times, it became commonplace in the early s. References Bijou Yang, David Lester First of all, in each administrative center in every state should be organized public works for the citizens, who lost their permanent income.

It should be noted that unemployment leads to enhanced growth rates of crime and increasing involvement of youth in this sphere, the concentration of crime in cities and industrial centers. Moreover, the majority of the poor of the U.

By the end of the s, however, the level of unemployment amongst young people, aged between 15 and 24had become a serious problem, exceeding that of the population as a whole.

Everybody have to pay bills, credits and so on. With the opening up of borders, drug availability increased, whilst drug-taking was perceived as being a western habit, and was therefore deemed inherently positive. Obviously, majority of the population in the United States earn their living by working for somebody and a lot of families in our country depend on the salary.

The next is the problem of crime in the U. On a similar note, the absence of income created by unemployment can force families to deny educational opportunities to their children and deprive the economy of those future skills.

The volunteerism decline does not have an obvious explanation, but could perhaps be tied to the negative psychological impacts of being jobless or perhaps even resentment at those who do not have a job.

First of all, unemployment rate indicates on state of the economy of the country and its effectiveness. Studies have shown that prolonged unemployment harms the mental health of workers, and can actually worsen physical health and shorten lifespans.

As a result of firing, a person feels himself inferior and starts drinking too much alcohol.

The Cost of Unemployment to the Economy

As a fact, the persistence of discrimination in hiring and firing indicates irreducible gap between white and colored Americans. Increased inflow into the labor market of the economically active population, structural changes in the American economy, the evolution of qualifying, the occupational structure of the U.

Impact of Unemployment on Social Issues

Not only do companies face less demand for their products, it is also more expensive for them to retain or hire workers. Moreover, the broad masses of African-Americans have virtually no access to quality health care.

Despite the proclamation of the equal rights of American citizens, the United States still remains a country of racial inequality and discrimination. Those affected by long-term unemployment were often over 50 years old, as well as those without professional education, or with skills which were incompatible with the needs of the labour market.

That means these people are consuming far less than usual. Lagerspetz, drug abuse became more common after the restoration of independence, a development which has been attributed to rapid changes in economic and cultural values.

Unemployment is also a dangerous state for the U.

Unemployment and social problems

According to Brenda Sorensenleading economy experts consider that the main directions of state policy on employment and unemployment should be following: Other social costs include how people interact with each other.

Of course, all these measures are not fundamentally new, but as you know, everything new — is well forgotten old.It should be noted that high level of unemployment leads to increased social tensions in the U.S., as well as to a range of social problems, among them are: the problem of poverty; the racial problem; the problem of crime;.

An essay or paper on Unemployment: An Economic and Social Problem. "Unemployment is not only an economic problem, but a social problem as well, in as much as its consequences are not limited to any one individual.

As unemployment persists, employed workers run the risk of losing their jobs, as has been made clear in. Economic and Social Problems In The Caribbean Unemployment Globalization has contributed significantly to unemployment in the Caribbean.

With the removal trade barriers, some industries have not been able to compete globally. According to James Jones (), describing the housing problem in the U.S., it should be noted that due to a number of historical, social and economic conditions America has one of the highest level of housing prices in the world.

The social consequences of unemployment The problems of long term unemployment amongst older people could lead to a resurgence in Dixon, DUnemployment: the economic and social costs, 2nd edn, Research for Action No.

1, Brotherhood of St Laurence, Melbourne. So unemployment creates a social problem. In the economic problem in Cyprus created by the world wide recession and a banking mess, thousands of people became unemployed and were entitled to relief for only 6 months.

A discussion on the economic and social problem of unemployment
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